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Make unforgettalbe memories in Gifu


This site gives you a tremendous idea what you can do while you travle in Gifu. 

Located in Central Japan, 80% of its land is covered by mountains and forests, and thanks to this environmental benefit, you are able to enjoy numerous outdoor activities in Gifu, such as mountain trekking, waterfall trekking, rock climbming, skiing, snowboarding, river rafting, golf, cycling, camping, farm experience, and many others! 

Of course, attractions in Gifu is not only limited to outdoor activities.  

As Gifu played a big role in Japanese history, you can visit historical sites, from old castles, old towns, shrines, temples, to former battle fields!  You can also enjoy cultural attractions such as cormorant fishing watching, festivals, and traditional craft house including Japanese paper called washi and ceramic wear making.

I guarantee that you will never get bored while your stay in Gifu.